Aug 2012
PSM (Public Safety Management)

PSM Family is a group of applications designated specially for US police agencies. PSM Family’s main users are police dispatchers and field officers. Details

Technologies: .NET Mobile
Jan 2017
Web and mobile polling applications for quick opinion gathering

Straw application allows creating quick polls, share them with the friends via social networks, sms, WhatsApp or e-mail and get fast results. It is deeply integrated with such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Microsoft account. Details

Technologies: Cloud Mobile
Nov 2014
Damaged luggage management system

The system is designed to coordinate the pickup, replace, repair and delivery of baggage by third party delivery companies. Details

Technologies: .NET Mobile
Jul 2008
Software management for corporate mobile devices

A system to manage software updates installed on corporate mobile devices. Details

Technologies: .NET Mobile