Oct 2016

Branding and improvement of mobile app for an auto maker

Technologies: Mobile
Branding and improvement of mobile app for an auto maker
We branded an existing cross-platform mobile application for managing automobile` systems for Russian auto maker.


There is a cross-platform mobile application for managing automobile` systems from smartphone. This app could be branded for any automobile. That’s what we did for one of Russian auto maker.

The application allows to control car distantly:

  • Check the status of doors and trunk (opened/closed) and then open or close automobile or trunk;
  • Start and stop the engine;
  • Turn on the light or sound signal;
  • Automatically turn on the warming up or conditioning car salon while engine starting;
  • Start and stop the engine according to timer and if the ambient temperature has changed;
  • Block engine start and send coordinates of the car location to the police;
  • Find current car placement at the map;
  • Get a notification about external influence (bump) or if the car evacuated;
  • Analyze trips-data and speed.

We branded the initial Android application for Russian auto brand and animated some of its elements like engine start and stop, turning on auto signal, blocking and opening of doors and trunk.

Branded application was exhibited at the Moscow International Automobile Salon 2016 (МIAS-2016).